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22年3月6日 主日の罪の告白祈祷文(한글, Eng)

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오, 변함없으신 하나님,

주님의 성령께서 주시는 확신으로 내가 배우니,

행할수록 나는 더 나빠지고,

알수록 나는 더 모르게 되며,

거룩할수록 나는 죄가 많아지고,

사랑할수록 나는 사랑할 것이 많아집니다.

아, 나는 얼마나 불쌍한 사람인지요!

오 주님, 나는 마음이 거칠어 주님 앞에 설 수 없습니다.

나의 양심은 죄를 깨닫거나 뉘우치지 않으니 회개할 것도 없습니다.

나의 의지는 결심하고 결단하는 능력이 없습니다.

나의 가슴은 감정이 없으며,

온통 새어 나가는 구멍들뿐입니다.

나의 기억은 오래가지 못해 배운 가르침을 쉽게 잊고,

주님의 진리가 쉽게 빠져나갑니다.

내게 상한 마음을 주셔서,

은혜의 눈물을 흘리며 주님 집으로 돌아가게 하소서.




Under the conviction of thy Spirit I learn that the more I do, the worse I am, the more I know, the less I know, the more holiness I have, the more sinful I am, the more I love, the more there is to love. O wretched man that I am! O Lord, I have a wild heart, and cannot stand before thee; I am like a bird before a man. How little I love thy truth and ways! I neglect prayer, by thinking I have prayed enough and earnestly, by knowing thou hast saved my soul. Of all hypocrites, grant that I may not be an evangelical hypocrite, who sins more safely because grace abounds, who tells his lusts that Christ’s blood cleanseth them, who reasons that God cannot cast him into hell, for he is saved, who loves evangelical preaching, churches, Christians, but lives unholily. My mind is a bucket without a bottom, with no spiritual understanding, no desire for the Lord’s Day, ever learning but never reaching the truth, always at the gospel-well but never holding water. My conscience is without conviction or contrition, with nothing to repent of. My will is without power of decision or resolution. My heart is without affection, and full of leaks. My memory has no retention, so I forget easily the lessons learned, and thy truths seep away. Give me a broken heart that yet carries home the water of grace.

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